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Wills Questionnaire


  1. This form is designed to find out some general information about you which will help us in preparing your Will.
  2. If you wish to make a Will which leaves everything to your spouse and/or your children and has no special features, we can prepare that for you based on the information in this form.
  3. If you have any questions about completing the form, you should contact Newport Law
  4. If you would like a Will which deals with your spouse and/or children only, you should complete the form and return it to Newport Law. We will prepare a draft Will and make arrangements to discuss the draft with you.

Will Costs

Please note that a Will of a standard nature e.g. a Will appointing one or two executors and gifting your whole estate to one or more beneficiaries or a Will from husband to wife (and vice versa) and then to children, constitutes a standard Will and the cost per Will is $300 plus GST, and in the case of a Will each for husband and wife the cost is $450 (for both wills) plus GST.

In the case of a more complicated Will, the cost will be charged according to the time required in completing the will at the rate of $450 per hour plus GST. By completing and submitting the questionnaire, this indicates your acceptance of our fees. If you would like to discuss the form before filling it in, please contact Newport Law.

If you would like to discuss the form before filling it in, please contact us.

1. Your Details


Your full name


Your email address


Your address


Your occupation


Your telephone numbers





Your facsimile numbers



2. Spouse/Defacto Details


Do you have a spouse or de facto spouse?


(a) Spouse's full name

(b) Spouse's Address (if different to yours)


Do you wish your spouse to be the executor of your Will? (to carry out the terms of your Will)


Would your spouse like a will in identical terms to yours?


Do you want to leave everything to your spouse/de facto spouse if you are the first to die?

3. Children Details


Do you have children?

Yes No


Do you want your children to inherit if your spouse dies before you?

Yes No


Do you want them to inherit equally?

Yes No


Do you want your children to inherit immediately on your death or to have the estate held in trust until they reach a certain age?



Child 1

(a) Full name

(b) Address

(c) Date of birth

(d) Fraction share

Add another Child

4. Executor Details


Who do you want to carry out the terms of your Will ("your executor")? This can be one or more of your children if they are over 18 years of age.

Executor 1

(a) Full name

(b) Address

Add another Executor

5. Specific Bequests


Please specify any items which you want to leave to a specific person. (You do not have to do this unless you would like to, as your will can be drawn in general terms.)

Inheritor 1

(a) Full name

(b) Address

(c) Details of item(s)

Add another Inheritor

6. Bequest of Estate


In the case of no children/grandchildren, to whom would you like to leave the balance of your estate?

Beneficiary 1

(a) Full name

(b) Address

(c) Fraction share

Add another Beneficiary

7. Guardian Appointment, Burial Arrangements, etc.


Please detail any other things which you would like to have mentioned in your Will (e.g. burial or cremation arrangements, who would be guardian of your children, pets, etc.)

8. Interstate and/or Overseas Property


Do you have an real estate or property in another state or territory, other than your state or territory of residence, or overseas?


Please provide location details

9. Children from Previous Marriages/Relationships


Do you have any children from a previous marriage/relationship?

Yes No

Child 1

(a) Full name

(b) Address

Add another Child


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