You may be eligible to claim the costs of treatment expenses for your work related injury:

  • Medical
  • Hospital
  • Ambulance
  • Rehabilitation
  • Travel


Expenses will be paid where the treatment:

  • takes place during the period you are entitled to receive compensation;
  • is pre-approved by the insurer;
  • the insurer has enough information to determine whether the treatment is reasonably necessary based on:
    – your workers compensation certificate of capacity recommends treatment
    – treatment is requested by allied health services
    – your medical specialist referral or report recommending treatment. vice provider first.

Length of time treatment is provided:

  • You can claim for medical expenses during a specific compensation entitlement period.
  • The specific compensation entitlement period depends on your assessment of permanent impairment whether less than 10 percent, between 10 and 20 percent or over 20 percent.

Your entitlements are set out in the workers compensation benefits guide which contains benefits payable for medical, hospital and rehabilitation expenses.

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