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Selling residential

Delivering specialised conveyancing services, here you can find information about selling your property.

When Selling Property:

In NSW, a property cannot be advertised or marketed for sale until such time as a Contract for Sale has been prepared. This is law in NSW and also applies, regardless of whether you intend on selling your property privately or engaging the services of a real estate agent.

If your property is listed with a real estate agent a Contract for Sale must be prepared and forwarded to them before they can commence marketing your property.

We will obtain all the documents that are required to be included in the Contract for Sale, such as the council zoning certificate and carry out title searches on the property and include a copy of the title documents, the sewer diagram and any other documents that may be required for your particular transaction. If you are selling a house, then we obtain and include the deposited plan and if a unit, the strata plan.

We will obtain information from you regarding the property that you are to sell to ensure that you have all the required building certificates if any renovations or additions to the property have been made by you. If necessary, we will also include special clauses that may be required for your contract and that may be required to disclose particular matters for your sale to the purchaser.

We will also arrange to have any mortgage over the property discharged, including liaising with the mortgagee and arranging for the Certificate of Title to be produced at settlement and to be handed over to the purchaser or their incoming mortgagee. We will arrange all of this for you.

If you are purchasing a property as well as selling, we will ensure that if possible, a simultaneous settlement takes place so that all the relevant documents and monies are handed over at settlement at the same time as your sale takes place.

Here at Court Legal we have the legal team to ensure a smooth transaction takes place.


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