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Public Liability & Accident Claims

Public Liability & Accident Claims Explained

All you need to know about Public Liability & Accident Claims Claims.

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What is the Public Liability & Accident Claims process?

Outlines the process involved in Public Liability & Accident Claims.

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Public Liability & Accident Claims F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions about Public Liability & Accident Claims.

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Injuries that occur in a public or private context due to a person or company’s failure to take reasonable care can lead to claims for compensation (also known as damages).

Typical examples of situations where damages can be claimed include:

  • Injuries in supermarkets, shopping centres or private residences
  • Injuries involving schools, colleges and universities
  • Injuries whilst engaging in recreational activities
  • Airline travel
  • Boating accidents
  • Injuries resulting from defective products
  • Assaults
  • Injuries at work due to the fault of contractors or persons other than an employer
  • Animal attacks
  • Sexual assault

This area of law can be very complex and technical. It is vital therefore to obtain legal advice.

Public incidents claim

Involved in an incident in a public place?

Have you suffered as a result of an incident in a public place? You may be able to make a claim for compensation. There are strict time limits in place for you to make a claim. It is important that you seek legal advice as soon as the incident occurs. For an obligation free consultation with Adam Court, our Accredited Personal Injury Specialist, submit your details and we will contact you. Adam Court can advise you in relation to your compensation entitlements, the assessment process for claims, what your claim is potentially worth and make sure your interests and rights are protected.

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