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​Buying residential

Delivering conveyancing services where you can find information about purchasing your property.

When buying:

We take the time to do the legal research so you are well informed with the facts before you purchase property, whether its knowing about the latestabout buying your First Home or if your upgrading to another home we’ll have the facts and information to provide you so you can make informed decisions.

Once we have received the contract from the real estate agent we’ll take the time to explain it to you in detail. We will organise all the relevant searches, address them the steps necessary to carry out all the property inspections you may need, such as building and pest. We will liaise with the vendor through their solicitor regarding extended settlement period if required, negotiate a lesser amount of deposit, if required and even arrange to have you enter the premises early under licence, if that is possible or required by you.

We also liaise with your finance lender, if any and arrange for all the documents to be prepared and to go over any mortgage documents with you, if necessary. We take the time to do this so that you are fully aware of the legal obligations that you enter into when signing a mortgage.

After exchange of contracts, which occurs once you sign the contract and pay the deposit of usually 10% of the purchase price, we carry out the necessary steps to prepare the matter for settlement including arranging for your finance lender to attend settlement and advise them of what cheques are required for settlement so that they can be handed over to the vendor at that time.

Court Legal provides an experienced Conveyancing team, who will examine or prepare your contract whether you are buying or selling, carry out the necessary searches, arrange, check and finalise your mortgage and all other legal documents.

We will manage the matter in a practical and efficient manner to ensure that you are provided with an expert, efficient and friendly service, and to keep you informed about your transaction at all times.

We will advise you in relation to any government benefits that you may be entitled to, such as the ‘First Home Owner’s Grant’, which is available to people buying or building their first home.


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Our conveyancing team has extensive experience in a variety of transactions including residential, industrial, commercial, retirement villages, first home purchases and off-the-plan developments. For an obligation free quote or general advice in relation to your sale or purchase submit your details and one of our experienced conveyancing solicitors will contact you.

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